Wanna know what games I've worked on? Here's a list.

November 2021 - Design, UI/UX - Student Work

Lair of the Narcomancer, made for our capstone project at AIE, is a fast-paced dual weapon first person shooter set in a neon-soaked synthwave 1980's. The player is tasked with playing the role of the Neon Crusader, and taking down the evil Narcomancer and his underlings and stop them from releasing a mind-control drug to turn everyone into zombies!

November 2021 - Design, Art, Programming

My first title for mobile systems, Zombie Juice is a sidescrolling rouge-like platformer where the goal is to collect coins and survive the endless enslaught of zombies! Collect enough coins and you can cash in for various Juice abilities that help you surivive longer, from firing more bullets per shot, to a protective shield that stops a single hit, this simple but tough shooter will keep you coming back for more.

You can check out the game's Google Play store page here!

August 2021 - Design, Art, Programming

A short and sweet 3D Platformer about saving the island by throwing cute, explosive animals at the invading Aliens!

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1643170/Kill_Them_With_Cuteness/

Itch: https://mukky.itch.io/kill-them-with-cuteness

July 2021 - Design, Art

Super Cosmic Space Game From Outerspace In Space is a 4 player local co-op spaceship management game where you need to work together with your friends playing as differing roles to make it home safely!

Itch: https://awesomerye.itch.io/super-cosmic-space-game

June 2021 - Design, Art, Programming

Between Dual Worlds is an endless score-attack survival game where the player must survive as long as possible against ever-increasing numbers of enemies, while balancing the enemy count between two separate realities they can teleport between through portal scattered throughout the map.

Itch: https://mukky.itch.io/between-dual-worlds

March 2021 - Design, UI/UX

An endless wave-based arena combat game where the objective is to defeat the boss enemy of each round, and steal their powers! Splice together a unique character from your fallen enemies, and watch out! At the end of each round, parts of the level will collapse and rise, keeping the arena fresh constantly. Made for the 7DRL 2021 Game Jam

Itch: https://mukky.itch.io/splicer-slicer

February 2021 - Design, Art, Programming - Student Work

An time-attack FPS where the goal is to make it to the end as fast as possible with as many kills as possible.

Itch: https://mukky.itch.io/super-time-arrest

July 2020 - Design, Programming, Animation

Kickback is a Platforming First-Person Shooter where the player's movement is out of their control! Your only means of traversing the landscape is by utilizing the backblast from your range of weapons. But beware! Throughout your journey, evil robots seek to stop you in your tracks. Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020

Itch: https://hibackimgame.itch.io/kickback

April 2020 - Level Design, Art - Student Work

Release The Quaken was made as a level design showcase for our assignment at AIE. It was made in collaberation with 2 other students as we worked on level design and produced art assets.