Lair of the Narcomancer... a fast-paced first person shooter set in a neon-soaked 1980's where an evil drug dealer who goes by 'The Narcomancer' and his gang are plotting to spread a drug that'll turn the city into mind controled drug-zombies. It's up to you, the Neon Crusader to stop the evil Narcomancer and save America!

With dual-weapon gameplay inspired by the likes of Bioshock 2, the player weilds their trusy Burgenelli Shotgun which deals massive burst damage alongside the neon-powered Mega-Glove that chains lightning across multiple enemies to stun them and deal damage over time.

Download and play here!

Lair of the Narcomancer was my Capstone project for my final year at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). I was the Lead Designer and UI/UX Artist on the project, as well as providing additional programming for minor parts of the game. I designed the level and worked alongside my co-designer Ryan Lovell for the narrative events and design.

Contributions: Combat Design, Level Design, UI/UX Design, Programming (Unity, C#)


Lead Designer - Baz Lever

Producer -Ryan Lovell

Lead Programmer - Harley Bekker

Programmer - Harry Fuge

Lead Artist/Animator - Harry Sherlock

VFX Artist - Erik Sundstrom

Character Artist - Greta Miller

Weapons Artist - Levi Moresi

Lead Enviroment Artist - Karen Ly

Enviroment Artist - Jerome Pepa

Sound Designer - Sam Amon-Simmonds

Narcomancer Voice - DrawnActor

Special Thanks to AIE