Graphic Design

CIRRUSSTRATUS is a visual design concept series designed with a specific mood in mind; freedom. This series is meant to resprisent the true digital future and the freedom that comes with it.

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Image carousel showcasing a variety of my design works

Go Up! / Rise!

This piece was designed with the theme of "Public Transport" in mind, with a heavy splash of 'y2k Retrofuturism', or 'kaybug' for short.

Part of the kaybug aesthetic relies heavily on the idea of 'practicality' for its design motifs. Seen in this piece, the pictogram humans next to the +'s represent the public part of public transport, while the lines on the left represent railways and transport routes. The arrows and transparent parts (which move in the twitter version of this piece) represent the speed of transport.

The photo in the background was taken by me at a nearby train station, it's meant to give off the effect of a futuristic transparent screen that the user is viewing the rest of the piece on.

The text is some motivational fluff I added, not just to fill space, but also as a message to myself at the time of making this one. "Ride the wave, don't give up!", telling myself to keep working on improving myself, it's only up from here!

This Twitch stream layout was a commission for the Twitch streamer Jam Jammy. They commissioned me to create a "y2k-inspired layout. You can see more of this layout, and how I made it: here.

Concrete Jungle - Orange

Concrete Jungle - Blue

Concrete Jungle is a series of faux-album covers meant to act as a throwback to the early 00's EDM/Drum'n'Bass compilation albums. The photos in the background were taken and edited by me in Photoshop. The faces were originally sitting in my “mockups” folder as I was experimenting with different shapes and techniques, but they ended up in my Concrete Jungle series because I found they fit with the overall vibe of the project.

My main goal with Concrete Jungle is to create multiple album covers that are distinct and unique, but share many assets between them. It’s a design challenge that’s been fun to work around.

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